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Angye Gaona /Letter to Judge by Surrealist group of Chicago

Publié le par Cristina Castello


Arte de Alexandre Gomes Vilas Boas, del Colectivo 308 - Brasil



Dear Sir 


As citizens of a country that has always had close relations with Colombia, we share a special interest in the case of the Colombian poet Angye Goana, who has mistakenly been accused of drug trafficking and rebellion.


Angye Gaona is known and celebrated in the entire world as a poet whose concern has been her art and the welfare of the people of her country. Like serious poets everywhere, her emphasis has often been on human rights and the plight of the poor and disadvantaged workers.

In a word, justice.


This is certainly not a crime, and we feel that she deserves such justice herself.  This begins with a truly fair trial based on evidence, not on someone’s desire to suppress the free expression of opinion.


All poets and other writers are involved in the fate of Angye Goana. We all must be able to express well-meaning ideas without fear of prosecution.  Without this freedom, the culture and very soul of a people dry up and become empty.  We are sure that the enlightened officials of Colombia share such a view.


We urge you to conduct a just, fair, and balanced trial of the case based on real facts.  Such an outcome will do credit to the friendship many peoples have with the Colombians, and will reflect honour on your country.  


Yours faithfully,


Gale Ahrens

Elizabeth Garon

Paul Garon

Corinna Jablonski

Joseph Jablonski

 David Johnston

 Penelope Rosemont

Joel Williams 



Surrealist group of Chicago

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